Lord Shiva - Rudraksha born from the eyes of lord shiva

Rudraksha - The Bead of Lord Shiva

Rudraksha is considered to be born from the god shiva. This is believed that when Lord shiva wanted to kill all evil spirits and demons, he began to meditate for a longer period of time with half eye closed(known as Ardha Nimeelita neetra). The meditation was very Long and when he opened his eyes to kill the demons tears came out of Lord shiva's eyes due to  stress of meditation. When tears tried to fell down all gods tried to be the part and resided inside as various mukhis of rudraksha. The bead or mukhi or rudraksha seed is directly blessed by lord shiva. The rudraksha beads or mukhis or mukhs are the ancient Beads which exist in these days in some parts of the world. Rudraksha is worn by the Yogis, sidhas, sadhus, tyagis from thousand of years. Himalayas ( the holy mountain from india ) is considered as the first birth place of rudraksha beads. From here it has spread to other parts of the world. For thousands of years rudraksha is used to maintain health, to gain power, and to feel the super consciousness. In Indian religious thinking - it is the self empowerment that should lead our life.Lord Shiva - Rudraksha mala is always being the ornament of lord shiva The Yogis and sidhas believe in a fearless life leading their life to Enlightenment and Liberation. And liberation or enlightenment is always related to the lord shiva. Rudraksha Beads are Gift from Lord shiva the almighty god. The Holy Rudraksha beads are believed to be a source of positive energy which helps in self empowerment as like the god Shiva himself. These Rudraksha Beads have been used by the god shiva also. Lord shiva is seen to be fond of rudraksha beads and seen wearing it always around his neck. From the years of vedas ( the time when veda was created), rudraksha beads are used as a first ornament to the life of self empowerment. Rudraksha beads( or mukhi or mukh or faces) are used for leading a fearless life. More about the Rudraksha

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Rudraksha mantra, beej mantra
Rudraksha mantra- The mantra of the Lord Shiva

Rudraksha mantra is also called beej mantra. Rudraksha mantra or beej mantra is the lord himselft. Different names of the lord are associated with different beads. And so different mantras of the lord are linked directly with different beads. Different names of the lord represent the different powers of the lord. Same way the rudraksha beads. Rudraksha beads are energized with their mula mantra or beeja mantra. More about Rudraksha mantra

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Nepali rudraksha vs Java Rudraksha

Rudraksha is availavle at many places around the world. The mostly preferred ones come from Nepal or Java. So generally the wearer has confusion, whether to wear nepali rudraksha or to wear java rudraksha ? Nepali rudraksha vs java rudraksha question is mostly asked.

indonesia rudraksha, java rudraksha, java rudraksha vs nepal rudraksha

Nepali rudraksha vs java rudraksha - Rudraksha from nepal are bigger in size compared to that of Java ones. Nepali rudraksha have more prominent grooves compared to those indonesian rudraksha beads. When we compare the power of both type of rudraksha ... More about Nepal Rudraksha V/s Java Rudraksha Beads

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frequently asked questions on rudraksha(beads, purpose, benefits, uses)

FAQ's About Rudraksha/ General Myths

There are general myths of people before wearing Rudraksha. These are some obivious questions that arries in the mind of wearer before wearing Rudrakshas. But the querious ness to know the things are really good which will aware you about all the powers and rules of wearing Rudraksha. The basic faqs of Rudrakshas are

> Why should i wear Rudraksha ?

> What are the benifits of Rudraksha?

> Which Rudraksha will benefit me ?

> What are the combination of Rudrakshas one can wear ?

> What are the rules of wearing rudraksha ?

> How to test the genuinity of Rudraksha beads ?

> Is Rudraksha fit for childrens ?

> How long a Rudraksha bead takes to show effect ?

> How Rudraksha works in health benifits why to use 1 mukhi Rudraksha for shiv puja ?

> what are Rudraksha certificate ?

> Does Rudraksha therapy really works

One thing one should remember that you shuold not create any doubts in mind regarding Rudraksha. Its your good luck and devine wish that brought you to this place for Rudraksha. Wear Rudraksha as it gives enourmous luck and power directly blessed from Gods. So you should not waiste time in waiting for luck to come. Its your luck and gods wish to make your path more confirtable to achieve spirituality. There are so many examples in the real life who already benifited from Rudrakshas