Rudraksha-life for Nepali Rudraksha Beads, Mala, Bracelet, Mantra

Rudraksha has beneficial power & from rudraksha-life are Energized, Genuine & Certified.

Process or Rituals for wearing rudraksha

          In general the beads need purification and energisation before wearing. This process involve chanting of beej mantra i.e. Rudrabhishek followed by pranapratishtha mantras where the beads are offered and washed with Ganga water, panchamrit, incense & sandalwood paste.

Combination of Rudraksha for Genuine Results

          Different mukhis are combined according to their properties to yield several powerful combinations which have been tested to be very effective. Our experience and expertise realized every one that these combinations can change one’s life, bring success, remove disease and offer promotion in personal, professional as well as in business life..

Rules to follow while wearing rudraksha

          There is lots of confusion in the mind of people before and after wearing mala/bracelet, regarding its rules and regulation. There is a guideline that needed to be followed after wearing the beads as mala or bracelet. We can specify some of the rules which are indeed required before and after wearing these beads.

  • Do not wear the mala before proper rudrabhishek and energizing.
  • Do not exchange the mala or bracelet after use. It is always recommended that the mala or bracelet is always belongs to its first owner after being energized.
  • Do follow non alcoholism after wearing the beads as mala or bracelt. If one does alcoholism then he/she should remove the mala for that period of time of alcoholism.
  • For more detail follow our website.

About Rudraksha-life

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